my mom is going to clip my 4 chickens wings so they cant fly out of the pen and get eat by dogs. Is this cruel?


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It's about as painful as getting a haircut. The chickens won't feel a thing -- unless, of course, she cuts too high and gets into the flesh.

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Dear dj dj,

Here is my suggestion if you can manage it...

Yes Mom is doing a good thing by clipping the wings so the chickies can't fly out and get slaughtered by dogs...

* * *

But if your yard is safe, then see about letting the chickens out of their pen occasionally when you are around to supervise and make certain everyone is safe. They will have a wonderful time, scratching and clucking and making a big mess - they will eat bugs, and greens, and their eggs will have pumpkin-colored yolks from all the vitamin A!

Two of my good friends are chickens named Sophie and Charlotte, and that is what we do with them...and when it is time for Sophie and Charlotte to go home, I call them by lots of fancy clucking and they come running to see my egg, they are certain that must be what I am clucking about!

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no they dont feel it . My sister did that to her pet duck

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I think letting them suffer being attacked by the dogs would be much crueler.

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that  question doesn't even make any sense to me ... Lol :) I like chicken wings though ... I just realized I'm starving :p

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No, it's not cruel.

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KB Baldwin answered

My chickens always acted like I was killing them when I clipped the wing feathers.  As soon as I put them down, they were fine.

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