how do i get my 3lb teacup yorkie to eat his dry food in the morning, even if its not a scheduled time everyday he won't touch it at all?


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Try flavoring it with a little peanut butter, canned pumpkin, a few peas or green beans.

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Maybe it's too hard for him to chew. Add a bit of water to soften it or canned pumpkin like Hippy suggested, but be careful with how much pumpkin you give him it may give him the poops! You could also mix it with a bit of canned food.

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Christi G....
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he gets the poops very easily so i dont want to give him any pumpkin. I have tries a different brand now and he seems to like that so hopefully he will stick to that
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thanks for the help!
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Are you getting the dry food for toy breeds?  My Yorkie likes tiny little pieces of the dry food.  Little dogs are very picky eaters, if you're also giving him treats he may just not be hungry.  Try a different brand of food or even mix it with a little bit of canned food. Petsmart will give you a refund on a bag of food if your dog doesn't like it.

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Christi G....
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thanks for the help! i didnt know petsmart gives refund on food, i spent so much money on different types of food.
Sharron Prestcott
Try the sensitive stomach dry food. I feed my picky eater Nutro Small Breed Adult. You might also look to see if there's grain in the food, grain is not a natural food for dogs but most brands have it in there as a filler. I've noticed quite a few "grain free" foods on the shelves now.
I hate to have to admit this but I roll the tiny pieces along the floor for my Yorkie, she eats it one piece at a time but sometimes she'll go all day and not eat which according to my vet is not unusual for little dogs.
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yes that is a good idea, i found that my dog likes the wellness brand now so im going to try going with that , he loves it so im hoping that this will be the one food that he will eat. My dog actually does a similar thing. He takes each piece out of the dish puts it on the floor then eats it. I tried getting a higher up dish cause they say they have a problem swallowing it from a certain height ,with their thoarts being so tiny, and it seemed to help the situation a little. He now eats it out of the bowl.

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