My cat is 4 months old, I gave her otc worm medicine she's losing weight losing, control of her bowels, and she is weak in rear legs. I am very poor and have no money, can somebody please save my baby kitty?


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Soul Fly answered

I am sorry for your kitten, but you need to find a way to take her to a vet. They can work out a payment plan with you.

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John McCann answered

You may have to consider surrendering your cat to a shelter so can get the treatment she needs.

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Yeah I don't think anyone will lend any money to newbies considering all the spammers ,scammers, that make the headlines nightly. I never tried but I know that most people in your kinda position use "gofundme" or what ever you call it. Wouldn't rely on that to save your cat though.

I'd take soul fly's advice.

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