My litter of kittens were abused by my brother's friend (he is 10 and is well aware of what he does) and my litter became from very active to leaning against the wall being curled up into little balls, what can I do to help them gain confidence again?


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If they've been badly physically abused .. I would be more worried about injuries than anything.  They may be badly injured and THAT is why they are acting the way they are.  They need to be checked out .. Immediately if they are suffering.  They could have internal injuries or even broken bones .. Who knows???

Allowing abuse to happen to animals is NOT ok ... Your mom should be made aware as to how these animals are behaving and get them some help for what SHE allowed to happen to them. 

These animals not only need medical help but they need to be protected from ANYONE who would potentially hurt them. There is a lot of responsibility involved when you have such small critters in your household ..  It is your job to protect them from this kind of thing is you and your family's responsibility. Don't EVER let that happen again.

AND .. THIS 10 year old 'friend' needs to learn that this is unacceptable .. He's obviously got problems of his own .. and that is something his own parents should be dealing with.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Yes .. I couldn't agree more .. and that is what I have been encouraging you to do .. take them to a vet to have them checked out.
Bikergirl Anonymous
.. and I want to mention again .. it is of the utmost importance that you NEVER allow this to EVER happen again. You need to protect these babies from a monster like your brother's friend. Now that you know you can NEVER trust him around your pets or your little brother .. take EVERY precaution to keep him away .. period.
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I would also encourage you to show this kids parents the damage that he they can take steps to prevent this kid from doing this to other animals.
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You need to ask your parents to contact the boy's family.  There is a well-documented relationship between abuse of animals and later serious criminal behavior.  A vet needs to document their injuries (if any).  If they have been harmed, I think you need to contact the police.  This boy may really need some intervention. 

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Since your question is about the kittens, just get them checked out by a vet. Animals that are in physical pain often hide it as to not show weakness. It is a survival instinct. Leaning against a wall and shaking can be a sign of pain. So please at the very least call your vet and ask for an opinion as to whether or not you should bring them in.

Now let's discuss this "friend" of your brother's. I would not allow him into your house ever again. PERIOD. And frankly considering the age difference and his actions, I wouldn't allow him near your brother ever again. Since you have stated else where you talked to his parents and they really don't do anything, maybe why this boy is acting out is because he is being abused by them. It wouldn't be a bad idea to talk to a school counselor, or family services about this boy's behavior, and his parents lackadaisical attitude towards that behavior,

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