What happens to spiders when they get sucked into a vacuum cleaner.... do they crawl back out after the machine is off?


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I used a shop vac to suck up a massive amount of daddy long legs at work. I left them in the shop vac for 2 weeks before I opened it up thinking they were all dead. BIG MISTAKE! :)

dragonfly forty-six Profile

Because I really like being in denial I will say no. Those scary spiders stay in my shop vac until I put them outside. End of story.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Just suck up a little bug spray after you suck up the spiders, problem solved.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

Yes that is good question , i wonder if they stay sucked up in the vacuum ?

Sergio Jemas Profile
Sergio Jemas answered

If they survive, then yes. But if you have a lot of spiders, you should fix this problem and get rid of them. Talking about of vacuum cleaners, I think you will agree with me if I say that modern robotic vacuum cleaners are really good! Modern devices provide many cool features and can help to clean almost all types of floors!

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