My 13 week old puppy suddenly overnight went from jumping and playing to being tired and walking like an old cripple. The vet could not find anything wrong!!!! They gave her an inflammatory shot?


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Sounds like she could of have got injury from jumping or maybe she hurt her self from playing. Puppies do all kind of things.. Yes the shot for inflammation is a steroid that should help her  - maybe watch where she sleeps at night, keep her away from any cords she could chew on.. Hope your puppy feels better :)

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Darling Divaa answered

The shot may take a day or so to kick in. In the mean time just keep her comfortable and occupied with some toys. Keep her from jumping. I'm assuming the Vet found nothing broken, since he said everything was okay. 

Just give it some time and give her lots of love. Puppies are resilient. If she shows no improvement in a few days I would contact the Vet again.

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gwen harris answered

Look at a product called food grade diatomaceous earth. You can just sprinkle a teaspoon in their food and it works wonders for worms, fleas, and arthritis. It's known for taking soreness away. Look it up make sure you get food grade not pool grade. It's very inexpensive and has a lot of uses. 

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