Can Sardines Be Included In A Dog's Diet?


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Dogs are omnivorous in nature and can subsist on meat as well as vegetables and grains. Meat is best liked by them, in raw form, as they need a lot of protein amount in their diet.

Sardines though they are a rich source of iodine have to be carefully included in the dog's diet preferably in moderate amounts. Tinned sardines can be used in small amounts though again one would have to be careful keeping in mind the preservatives and salt content of tinned food.
If fresh sardines are available opt for them as fish is a good source of protein, calcium, and omega 3-fatty acid however If the pet is allergic to fish it is best to omit it from the diet.

Dogs generally need 30-60%meat in their diet although the amount can vary with breed, activity, and other protein source in the diet like egg, cheese, yogurt etc.

Do not make the food monotonous as even a dog likes a change of taste and flavour and one may replace meat for sardines on some days.

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