Can a cat be fed a vegan diet?


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No, I would never do that! People only become vegan because it is their choice to alter their diet, but animals aren't the same. Cats need the protein found in meat and fish - that's why cat food is made of meat and fish! I don't think it's a good idea to feed your cat a vegan diet because s/he will not be suited to it. It's best to stick to cat food because that has everything in it that they necessary to keep healthy.

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No! Just like humans, they're carnivores! Their bodies wouldn't work properly without meat!! Their muscles would eventually "break down" and they would become very weak

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Oh no.  I just recently learned that while dogs need lots of meat protein, turns out that cats need 9 times as much. WHO KNEW!?!?!?

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A cat can not ... One of the oldest living dogs who lived to twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old was a border collie fed a vegan diet for life ... Any of your pets live that long ??? Protein is protein and dogs are omnivores and can live on a vegan diet ... It is not torture ...
" Dr. Erika Sullivan, a veterinarian at Forest Hill Animal Clinic, chalks the turnaround up to the health benefits of a vegan diet.
"If I had a dog it would definitely be on a veggie diet because the quality of meat isn't up to standards," she said.
Sullivan says that dog owners simply need to read the labels. I suggest you Vegan diet foods through this you get more results about What is a vegan diet .

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