What Does Ladybird Mean?


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Back in the early to late 1700's it meant a woman of loose morals or a wealthy man's mistress
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Ladybird is a Commonwealth English name for a species of beetle known scientifically as Conccinellidae. The Coccinellidae Family comes under the Sub family of "Cucujoidea" in the Order of "Coleoptera" within the Class of "Insecta" of the Phylum "Aethropoda" within the Kingdom "Animalia". The word "lady" used in its common name is believed to be an allusion to the Virgin Mary.

The ladybird is generally red or light brown in colour with various shades in between and is characterised with black dots. They are harmless to humans and because of their voracious appetite for aphids are considered very beneficial for agriculture and horticulture. Even people who hate insects tend to not mind the ladybird. It is considered a lucky omen if one is seen sitting on one's self and a bad omen to kill one.

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