Can I Find Orangutans For Sale Here In The United States?


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Yes, you can if you find an illegal seller..not a good idea and if you find a sanctuary who need a foster home and adoptions.
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Thats really really mean, orangutans are WILD animals, keep them like that. Your probably going to say "oh, I've done my research" but orangutans NEVER make good pets, they are wild animals. It will be soo cruel and if you like them so much then work in an orangutan sanctuary or something, but do NOT keep them as pets. You might say that you hav a big house or something but you wont be able to meet their requirements. And if you were to go ahead with this terrible plan, then they wud hav to be shipped by illegal dealers and they will suffer a lot and probably die. If I were you get another exotic pet, but one that actually makes a good pet. ORANGUTANS ARE WILD ANIMALS.

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