Does anyone understand what this means: French: From a pet form of any of various Germanic personal names formed with folk 'people' (see for example German Volker), a cognate of English Foulks?


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It's possible... My Mother's maiden name is Hawkins, Devon / Cornwall area in England.  I was doing research trying to push back the ancestral line, found a spelling of Hawkyns in the same area about 100 years earlier than I went back before, then ran across another name from the 11th century... Heokingaas... Anglo - Saxon... If you really twist your tongue around it, it may have become Hawkins 500 years later...
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Carleigh Fouquette
Its about my last name, i dont understand what it means....does it mean that although my name is a french name it came from a german word???? Does that make my family german somewhere back there
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The Franks were a German tribe that invaded what we now call France in the 5th century... Even the name of the country comes from them. They remained in power until the 9th century, so it is very possible your name has a German origin.

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