Can A Camel Ford A River Like A Horse?


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I just did a Google search, that wasn't really all that hard, both the backtrain, and the dromedary can, though, when they approach water they need to be rested, and coaxed into getting into the water. There was said to be camels that have crossed the Nile, where it is wide, and the current is stronger. So, yes, they can Ford, but, they aren't as adept as horses, and you should never ride one or the other when crossing. Hope this helps.
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I was watching a old movie that was about a group of men trying to find a way across the australian outback. They used both horses and camels because the camel could travel on less fresh water and carry a full pack load acroos the 140 degree sands. Only one man out of the whole group made it back to the town they left from.
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That sounds like a really good movie. I also read in the stuff about the camel, that horses don't like camels. They won't go side by side with them.

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