Pregnant Dog With Rash On Her Belly That Looks Like Bruising What Is It?


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Platelet Disorders

Platelet disorders can arise when platelet numbers are decreased, or platelets fail to function properly. Platelet numbers are decreased when they are not produced adequately in the bone marrow, when they are destroyed, or when they are prematurely removed from the circulation. Dysfunction of platelets can occur as an inherited, congenital disorder, or may develop as an acquired condition later in life.

These disorders cause a decrease in the production of platelets:

Drugs toxic to the bone marrow

Infection of the bone marrow with certain bacteria, viruses, and rickettsia (e.g. Ehrlichiosis)

Immune mediated destruction of the bone marrow  

Cancer of the bone marrow

Myelophthisis and myelofibrosis, which are scarring and disappearance of bone marrow cells

Excessive estrogen hormone influence on the bone marrow

These disorders result in increased platelet destruction:

Immune-mediated destruction of platelets

Certain drugs

Certain viral infections

These disorders cause increased removal of platelets from the circulation:

Ehrlichiosis in dogs


Certain parasites

Certain disorders of the spleen

Disorders that affect the function of platelets include the following:

Congenital platelet function disorders

Certain drugs

Some infections

Kidney failure

Liver failure

Certain leukemias

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