What Does Aphrodite's Doves Pulling The Chariot Symbolise?


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I'm not sure why this is in "Mormon". Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love. She is often represented or accompanied in literature and art by a pair of doves; these doves, therefore, represent love as well. A pair of doves pulling a chariot could symbolize that love is metaphorically pulling the chariot, or that whoever is in the chariot is being motivated by love. (It would make a lot of sense if there were a pair of lovers in the chariot.) On the other hand, Aphrodite's doves sometimes do favours for her (this happens, for example, in the Aeneid, where Aphrodite uses her doves to help Aeneas) - if that's what's going on, the doves pulling the chariot probably don't symbolize much of anything. So the answer to your question depends upon the context of the story/painting.

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