Why Do Birds Sing At Dawn?


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Most birdsong involves mating and maintaining territory. Particular songs may have multiple meanings: establish territory, advertise readiness to copulate, stimulate breeding. Birds produce many more notes than register with humans' hearing frequency.
Song is an important form of communicating many things. It can be heard much farther away than the bird can be seen; thus, the bird is not required to expose itself to potential predators. Birds have alarm calls to alert flock-mates of danger.
Birds sing most vigorously at the beginning of the mating season after they are stimulated by the hormonal response to lengthening days. Duets serve to strengthen the bond between mated pairs of birds.
Birds sing most often at morning when they begin to look for food, go mostly silent in midday, then start again in late afternoon or dusk. Some birds sing at night, especially when the moon is full.
Birds communicate by sound in other ways: hammering on trees as do woodpeckers, rapidly beating their wings to produce a drumming sound, rattling feathers, stamping the ground, passing air through inflatable chest sacs to produce a booming sound as do grouse, and with air passing through tail and wing feathers producing a whistling sound.
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The chirping of birds at early dawn has a series of comprehensions to it. Some take it in a romantic regard, while some perceive it as an aesthetic and sometimes religious quality of nature. The literary dimension also thrives on this very phenomenon, celebrating it with countless pieces of prose and poetry.

The conventional opinion in the Middle Ages about the singing of birds was that the birds chirped early in the morning to praise their Creator, sweetly exalting their Lord for all the beauties he had adorned the entire world with. Another standpoint stated that birds sang a welcome song for the sun, expressing their keenness for the sunrise, which symbolized food, warmth and protection.

As for the modern scientific viewpoint, it is devoid of any romantic, religious or aesthetic aspects. It states that the dawn chorus signifies the warning signals given by each bird as it announces the re-establishment of its territory for the purpose of courtship, nesting and food getting. All of these are the fundamental and basic steps to breeding and the dawn chorus is just a way to warn other counterparts to keep away from their respective territories.
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A child would not get it
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I think they sleep at night,just like humans,and the dawn is their awakening.They feel the need to let others know they are here,and where they are.
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They sing to tell us to wake up, all living things wake up. Venture out into your land and tend to your garden of herbs.
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IRobonix says that the reason that birds chirp in the morning is that the resonance of the rising sun bounces of the earth creating a sound with a frequency to low to be heard by the human ear, bird's on the other hand can pick up on this resonance, The birds simply sing in echo of this Earth Song, for more info on Earth Song visit Aplied Organic Theology

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