What Is A Mudskipper?


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A mudskipper is a kind of fish, which is normally found in the deep waters of the eastern Atlantic ocean, the Indian ocean and also the western part of the Pacific ocean ranging from Australia to Japan.

However they are not always found in the actual depth of the ocean. Mudskippers are also inhabitants of murky and clammy places like estuaries with mudbanks and sometimes in mangrove swamps. This is why these creatures are referred to as mudskippers.

Regarding the physical makeup of the creatures, they have eyes jutting from their heads and have a rare quality of acting independent of each other. The mudskippers normally feed on crustaceans and some other types of small invertebrates (invertebrates are those animals who have no backbones). They crawl and hop at a swift pace, using their powerful muscular pectoral fins, which give the use of forelegs.

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