Can Anyone Define The Characteristics Of A Salamander?


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Salamanders are generally amphibians – those animals who are inhabitants of both the water and the land. Generally speaking, a salamander belongs to a group that is somewhere in between the species of fish and reptiles. This group is a herd of back-boned creatures that also includes frogs and toads. AS for the salamander, it looks like a lizard in terms of structure and is cold-blooded.

Ancient legend states that the origin of the very first salamander was out of the heart of fire. Given that notion, the general concept that people developed about salamanders was they are not affected by heat. The food of the salamander consists of creatures like worms, slugs and insects for which it hunts during the cool ambience of the night. Nevertheless while the salamander is a predator for the previously mentioned creatures, it could be a prey for some animals such as the water snake. To protect itself from danger, the salamander has some glands that ooze out poison.

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