My 14 Year Old Lab Has A Rectal Tumor That Needs To Be Removed-are They Common? I Am Afraid The Dog May Not Survive The Surgery Due To His Age. Are There Alternatives?


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Hello there! I have been a Veterinary Technician for almost 10 years and have seen quite a few rectal tumors on dogs. Usually they have to be removed because they interfere with the dog leading a normal life and being able to have normal bowel movements. Also, the Vet will want to sent the tumor out to be biopsied and ensure that the tumor was not cancerous. If it does turn out to be cancerous (which I PRAY it does not!!), they may want to run more tests to ensure that the cancer has not spread. Is the tumor interfering with your pups life? I am glad that they are running blood work to make sure there are no underlying conditions that concern them. I would also suggest that they run an ECG to check pups heart rate and ensure everything is working properly. I would also suggest that when they do the surgery, they use everything they can to monitor pup while he or she is under anestesia such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, pulse ox, and any other monitoring they can. Also, they should place an IV (intravenous) catheter which will let them give the pup fluids and also give them an open line if God forbid anything goes wrong they can administer life saving medications. You should speak directly to your veterinarian about the blood results and every other test they can and should run. Also speak to him or her about the procedure itself. How long will pup be under anesthesia for? Will they place an intabation tube or will pup only be under a local anesthetic? What precautionary measures will they be taking to ensure nothing goes wrong? You are paying good money to ensure your pup is well taken care of, so do not feel bad about asking loads of questions. Your dog is part of your family and anyone would be concerned in your position and I'm sure your vet understands that. Every day 14 year old dogs have surgery and every day they recover and I want you you to know that. Veterinary medicine has come a very long way and with all of the technology we have now, if used properly, things can go just fine. I really hope that this has helped you. I will say a little prayer for you and your pup. Please let me know how the surgery goes and how pup does by leaving me a message in my shoutbox
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