Well i have this male cockateil. He hates me, every time i try to pet him, he bites the shizzle out of me. How can i get him to trust me? (p.s. I had both my female and male for almost a year.)


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Lila Rudawski answered
Are they together in the same cage? If they are he's probally just protecting his women or showing off in a sense. I'm sure you know about animals being territorial. That explain may be your birds behavior. If they are in the same cage you could try getting another cage and separate them and see if that has a change in behavior. If you want to breed then put them back together. Make sure he sees you holding the female and petting her. Maybe then you will slowly start to gain his trust. Wear gloves with him, when he bites at you (hard leather gloves). He might bite a few times and see that he isn't hurting you and eventually stop the biting. If that's the case then when you feel comfortable enough you can try it without the gloves.
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Wear a leather glove when handling your cockatiel as they don't like being handled.Then when he realises he can't hurt you by biting or pecking at you, then you should gain his trust.

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