My half dwarf/half lionhead rabbit can actually squeal, it does it when its scared. Anyone got an explaination?


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There was a similar question asked on Yahoo Answers,Do Rabbits make a sound?Do rabbits make a sound and what kind?3 years agoBest Answer - Chosen by AskerRabbits make a horrible squeal when they are in pain or scared, you'll never forget that sound if your ever unlucky enough to hear it. Rabbits grunt or bark (sometimes sounds like an actual dog barking) when they are mad or upset or are warning you away. Rabbits grind their teeth together when they are happy. Usually you'll hear it when your up close to the rabbit and petting them. Rabbits are also known to thump when upset or angry or annoyed.Once a rabbit is done wrong, it may hold a lifetime grudge.
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Ye THIS rabbit squeals all the the hutch to give its food and it runs in fear...squealling...and same with when its being picked up (obv) but it says nothing once your holding her
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It's becaue he's feeling anxious or stressed out.Most half lionheads don't really like to be held,cuddled or stroked.He obviously doesn't like this and is sqeaking  to let you know he's not happy.
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Ye its just weird coz i never thought rabbits were designed to....its funny coz as soon as i open the hutch to put them in the run she squeals, and i have another rabbit (half dutch half lop) and he is fine with being stroked and is too dozey to do anything when you go to pick him up, but even though he is much bigger...he goes and hides under the little ones head XD...then if i put my hand over her (so i dont get scratched) she does that thing when they lash out atcha haha =P
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Oh! Well its because I don't know :)
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I squeal when I am scared.. Maybe it is half human too lol.
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My lionhead rabbit sqeaked really loud cause he got tangled in my brothers leg while running and he sqeaked a lot and loud like a pig I got really scared when he ran and hid because I thought he was hurt but I let him calm down by laying on my bed and brushing him he's calmed down but he sqeak because he was scared or stressed

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He may have a power unknown to human like youu..but known to a ninja like mee...
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Because hes a bunny :P bunnies do funny things. Ish.
K ill stop answering your questions imma dumbum.
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