Are Dogs Allowed On The Beach In Daytona Beach?


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Cormac Reynolds answered
No, dogs are not allowed on the beach at Daytona Beach, but if you are planning a visit anyway and taking your dog with you, check out this site: .

This service is dedicated to giving information on places that are dog friendly, whether that is accommodation or parks where you can take your dog. There is an interactive map with symbols underneath it so if you are looking for somewhere to eat, for example, just click on the restaurant icon and you will be shown where you can go to that doesn’t object to you having your dog with you.

If you use this map to find attractions, you will see that it shows Ponce Inlet, a beach that does allow dogs.

Some of the accommodation listed with them has no restrictions on the weight of your dog, how many dogs you have, and some don’t even charge a supplement for having pets stay.

There are other features to this site, including showing you what other facilities are available for your dog in the area, such as dog grooming, dog training, and even places that you hope you may never have to visit, but are vital if you do, pet hospitals.

Besides all these quick links, there is also a forum so you can share your pet friendly (or otherwise) experiences, and find out what other people have to say on the matter. This is a great way of finding out beforehand if a place or activity lives up to its claims, and could prevent you making expensive mistakes, or could lead you to having the time of your life. The forums are not all just about holiday destinations either, just lots of info and chat from people who love dogs, too.
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ray of light answered
No, on Daytona Beach dogs are allowed but however there are many beaches that are not too far from Daytona where one can take their dogs
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Sierra Young answered
No but there is a dog beach at Ponce Inlet( on the south side of the jetty). Poce Inlet is south of Daytona about 15-20 miles.

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