Where Do Crayfish Prefer To Live?


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They prefer to live in water abundant with flacks and shelter, such as the Elodea. In 5-64 degree Celsius water. They love small fish to eat and mainly are peaceful with the opposite sex.
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Crayfish are crustaceans resembling lobsters belonging to the group Arthropoda that are found in fresh water bodies like rivers and lakes in many parts of the world; crayfish are known by several names like crawfish or crawdad primarily in North America and as yabbies in Australia.

There are several species of crayfish with about 250 identified in North America the largest concentration of all especially in the State of Louisiana; about a 100 species have been classified in Australia and parts of South East and East Asia while Europe and Madagascar in Africa also have significant numbers of the crustacean.

The numbers of the European species the Astacus have dwindled considerably in the last few years due to the crayfish plague, a disease caused by a kind of water mold transmitted via invasive species of crayfish as well as contaminated water.

Crayfish are a popular pet kept in aquariums though certain precautions have to be followed like setting aside a place where the creature can hide as well as not keeping them with other fishes in the same tank.

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