How Many People Get Killed By Sharks?


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The ISAF (International Shark Attack File) recorded a total of 105 occurrences of interaction between sharks and humans. After further investigations, it was found that 58 incidents were unprovoked attacks i.e. An attack which takes place in the shark's natural surroundings, without any provocation from the human's side.    Provoked attacks are reactions from a shark if it is provoked in any way by a human. For example, a diver tries to grab a shark and gets bitten. Out of the recorded 105 incidents, 13 were provoked.    In 2004, 65 unprovoked attacks were recorded and a downward trend was since for 5 years earlier till 2000 when the figure clocked 78. This trend may not necessarily mean that the number of shark attacks has been increasing; most likely it might also mean that increasingly more humans are spending more time in the water. Factors like Population Boom, increasing interest taken in aquatic recreation by humans etc contribute to the increasing rate of shark attacks. Contrastingly, the shark population is on the decline, owing to loss of habitat and over fishing.    In recent times, North American waters were home to majority of the attacks (64%).
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Omg i cant belive you if ur in there habbitat you should be held responsible they might just be protecting their young or there home it's the same if a stranger goes near ur child would u just leave ur child alone no!you would go and get them. Hello and you say that only 13 were unprevocted. Hardly
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Because they go into the sea  and shark then eats you

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