How Do I Know If My Dogs Ringworm Is Healing?


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Hello There! I have been a Veterinary Technician for almost 10 years and have had ringworm myself... The only way to tell if Ringworm is healing in your pup is to take him or her to the vet and have a fungal culture done. Your vet will take a small sample and watch it to see if it continues to grow. Also, your vet may use a Woods lamp to see if any of pups lesions glow under the ultraviolet light. Some fungi do glow when a woods lamp is used, but it is not 100%. Your pup should be receiving treatment but you should be aware that even with treatment, they can still be contagious to other animals and humans for up to 3 weeks. Make sure to wash your hands regularly after touching your pup because it is NOT something you want to get. It is VERY VERY itchy and spreads like crazy. When I got it, it started on my arm and then transferred all over and I had to move from topical treatment to an oral treatment and I hate taking pills. I don't know how long your pup has had ringworm, so I am not sure what stage he or she is in. What treatments are they using for your pup? Is it baths and topical treatments? Injections? Oral tablets? One way to help you know if the ringworm is healing is to look at the lesions and see if they are healing. Also, see how itchy pup is and that should help you to know if they scabs are healing. I hope that this information has helped you!! Please let me know!! You can leave me a message in my shoutbox
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You will observe an improvement in its effected parts that will be clearly visible. If you think that your dog is not getting better then give a try to herbal medication that is harmless and more effective. Give it bath with Neem soap and apply Neem oil on its skin. This will show good results in few days only. There is another treatment that is Echinacea which is used to boost the immune system to increase the process of recovery. Fish oil and evening primrose oil are also very helpful in this regard.

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