Can You Eat Frogs?


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Well, many cultures in the world do eat frogs; frogs legs are a well known French delicacy. The edible frog is found throughout central Europe and it is usually found living in colonies near the banks of ditches along the shores of lakes.

The adult edible frog is usually about nine centimetres long and it is olive to bright green in colour with dark blotches and paler stripes which go down along its body. It uses this green colouration as camouflage to enable it to lurk unseen in vegetation. It hunts along the water banks, waiting for winged insects to fly within range.

The edible frog's diet is mainly of large ground beetles as well as insects and it will also eat worms that emerge from the burrows underground in wet weather.

As a cold blooded animal, the frog's body temperature is the same as its surroundings and so it takes great pleasure in basking in the Sun during the summer months.
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Many cultures do yes.
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Yes many people eat them some even call it spring chicken.

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