I Have An Extremely Red, Painful, Swollen Plantars Wart And Have Heard That Vitamin E Can Cure Them In A Week. What Do You Think?


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I would try the vitamin E it can't hurt to try it. I would really be surprised if it is gone in a week though. I use to have a plantars wart on the ball of my left foot. For years and years it tormented me.  I would cut the core out and I would be able to stand it for a little while then it would grow back. It was very painful if I stepped on something hard. I finally started using the plantars wart removal pads from Dr. Scholls. I finally bought the wal-mart brand that looks like a band-aid but the middle is round. This worked and my plantars wart has been gone for 7 years now. Just make sure to use the pads until the wart is completely gone. If it comes back use them again. Eventually it will go away. Be Blessed
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I've had them. See a podiatrist! You need to walk. Take it from someone who can't.
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Thanks i was thinking about that. Maybe i will. Already went to regular dr, he told me to put on duct tape, and that made it worse.
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I would go to a doctor and get some liquid nitrogen treatments to remove the wart. This is the only way to remove a planters wart. I have had one and they are very painful and the pain just gets worse.
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I have had them. Visit a podiatrist as soon as possible, he/she could help with the pain and swelling.  The can also see if you have any underlying causes. This is through examination and treatment.
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Haven't heard about vitamin e, but have read about the duct tape theory.  I've been reading a lot about plantars warts on the net.  You'll see I have a question on this site in the same family as your question.  Have you tried that Dr. Scholl's plantar wart medicine?  They sell it at any drugstore for around $6.  I've never heard that vitamin e could be bad for anything, so I doubt it'd hurt your wart, but it might not cure it.  I'd keep reading on the net, you can find a ton of tips, home-medicine options, ...etc.  But if your wart is that infected (it sounds like it is), then maybe your best bet would be to see your pediatrist.  You want to be able to walk, trust me.  I know that's not always an option, trust me I know (no insurance myself), but if it's that bad you might just want try & find a way to get to a doc.

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