Can U Show Me What Snake Poop Looks Like?


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Sharon McKenzie answered
Different kinds of snakes have different kinds of poop!   There is no one definitive "look" to snake poop; a Boa Constrictor's waste looks totally different from that of a Black Rat Snake or a Water Snake.   A snake's diet in part determines what it's poop looks like.   Snakes often produce a whitish uric acid, or "urates", with their poop, which can either be runny or solid, but sometimes they produce the urates separately from the fecal waste.   Most native North American snakes' poop does look a lot like bird poop, and the amount depends on the size of the snake.   A big Rat Snake will produce a pretty sizeable "pile".
I keep and breed many different species of snakes, by the way, so in terms of cleaning up snake poop, I've become somewhat of an expert out of necessity.

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