My Dog Suddenly Began To Spin In Circles And Twist His Head Over His Shoulder. Without An MRI, I Cannot Confirm If This Is Due To Having A Tumor. Does Anyone Know If There Might Be Any Other Reason He Is Doing This?


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Some dogs will definitely act that way. I would do what Pencil said and give him a flea bath with some good flea shampoo. If he continues to act this way take him in for sure. Check his ears and in all the crevices of his body. If you see anything that looks like dirt it is fleas. In their ears it is ear mites. Poor little guy, hope he is ok.
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My dog has been doing that for about a year and I have been trying everything you mentioned. None of that worked and the vet said it was nothing but you can never be sure... Does anyone have any other tips???
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My 10 year old cat recently started doing the same thing. When it happens it is usually at night and even if lights are on, her pupils are dilated. At first I thought she was chasing her tail, and while her tail twitching does catch her attention during these episodes, it is more like she is hallucinating and seeing/hearing things over her right shoulder (she always seems to rotate clockwise). She'll lie there with her head turned almost backwards and then start turning. I have to assume this is caused by the same thing that is affecting your dog. I looked up cat chasing tail and while my cat is not really chasing her tail I found several other instances of similar behavior. I didn't see any cures but the assumption was this was neurological.
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Did you ever find out what was going on with your dog?? Our dog has been doing this on and off for about 4 years, we thought as an attention getter. As of late he is acting really strange, cries to go out, then turns around and cries to come in. He also has loose stool and is eating and drinking almost double but losing weight. The spinning is out of control, He does it constantly and if we don't intervene it will go on until he cannot stand up anymore. I have a vet appointment coming up soon but I would be interested to know what happened with your dog..
Thanks! Kathy
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My Yorkie is jerking up off the bed and spinning around in circles. He usually does this after a bath with regular shampoo - but not when I give him a bath with unscented shampoo.

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If this continues, take him to the vet. He may be reacting to bites, that is similar to the way my dog acts when he gets a flea. If you have a flea comb, you might try and see if he has one. Some dogs are very allergic to fleas. This might explain the heavy breathing. To be certain I would get some of the frontline plus or whatever you use to kill fleas. I like frontline, because it lasts a whole month and kills fleas instantly, on the dog, and they don't jump off. If that does not stop it, take him to the vet.
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It is possible he is just having a severe reaction to a sudden stimulation like a bite.  Fleas typically don't attack all at once and cause such a severe reaction.  He may have been stung by something.  He may have an injury that is causing him pain, stress, and this odd behavior.  Foreign objects in the ear canal can be very irritating to dogs and cause behavior changes.  He may be experiencing a neurological event.
I would have him examined by a veterinarian, it is always better to know what you are treating and his behavior sounds very odd.

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