We Found A Dark Gray Baby Snake Has Cone Head - There Have Been Many Found Recently And There Have Been Some That Have Been As Large As Two And Three Feet Long Someone Said That One Was A Copperhead - How Do I Know If These Babies Aren't Poisonous?


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You don't. But a copperhead is not a gray snake. It has copper color in markings, ergo, copperhead. Don't know what part of country you are in and many species are region specific. Could be Gray snake, Bull snake, or a variety of others.  Two things: All snakes bite, and all poisonous snakes have venom from birth. I would not handle this until you know exactly what it is. County or state animal control can help you identify it.
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Actually, both Southern/Northern Copperhead snakes  are born grey in color.  The pigments of their skin don't show the hour glass markings which can vary from light tan/grey to darker copper or even red.  I live in Missouri and have seen tiny copperheads with full colors, but also have seen the same size without the markings.  They can be but aren't always a solid "grey" color as babies.   Be safe!

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