What Are Disadvantages Of Allowing Companion Animals To Go To Work?


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There are quite a few disadvantages of allowing your companion animal come into your work area. Having an animal with you means that you have another being to be responsible for and one that is difficult to train and teach the difference between right and wrong to. If you cannot train the animal, you cannot be sure that they will not cause you some sort of embarrassment or put you out in any way, when they are in your work place. Some people choose to take their animals on the specific days where that is applicable, or if they are in need of a guide dog but, where it can be avoided, it should be.

Here are some disadvantages of bringing your companion animal to work:

  • Having to be responsible for another thing

It will be incredibly difficult to actually concentrate on your work if you are preoccupied with ensuring that your animal isn't up to all sorts of trouble and it will mean that your levels of concentration will become uncharacteristically low. This means that, unless your animal is incredibly well train, it isn't really the best of environments to take them to.

  • The environment that you work in

If you work in an office building, the idea of taking a dog to work is almost hilarious. A dog needs space, like any other animal, to run around and get rid of excess energy, so keeping him locked up in an office room is almost cruel. Remember that this doesn't apply with the same severity if we are talking about a guide dog as these dogs are trained for the purpose of helping those who have bad sight to carry on with a normal life as much as they possibly can.

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