What's The Difference Between A Camel And A Dromedary?


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A dromedary is the classification of camels and lamas. A Camel is a specific type of dromedary. Feline is a cat or a tiger. Canine is a dog or wolf.
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A Dromedary is a camel. It is the single-humped species that looks like this...

Their hump can vary in size and shape. As well, their coloring can vary somewhat. They are usually some shade of brown, but can have black in places (or may even come in black, although I've never seen one). They can come in white, though, without being albino.

The other species of humped camel is the Bactrian, which looks like this...
His humps can also vary in size and shape and his color can vary somewhat, as well, though I've never seen them in any color but brown (sometimes with black in places) and once or twice in solid white. Some have a denser coat, as well.

The other camels ...or, more precisely, members of the camel family are the Llama, Alpaca, Vicuña and Guanaco. The Llama and Alpaca vary quite a bit in color, but I don't think the Vicuña or Guanaco vary in color. As you can see, none of these camel family members have no humps.



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Oops, I meant to label the pics in plural form ...Llamas, Vicuñas and Guanacos. Alpacas I did right.

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