How To Make My Flower Horn Fish Big Head?


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Flowerhorn fish have been bred over the years to give them the big heads that they are well known for having today. You cannot make a fish that you already own have a bigger head, but there are many that can be bought that carry this popular characteristic.

Alternatively, if this does not appeal to you, you could also breed two Flowerhorn fish with large heads together, as this should produce offspring with your desired trait.

  • About the Flowerhorn fish

Being able to grow to around 300mm in length on average, with some even larger, the Flowerhorn fish is not existent in nature, but is instead the outcome of cross-breeding between many different types of cichlids, which originate from South America.

Due to concentrated breeding, the Flowerfish is extremely strange in looks, making it a popular and highly famous fish to own. It is because of this that breeders are attempting to change its phenotypic characteristics further, concentrating on producing various new colors, irregular markings, a bigger head and wider body. This is all hoped to be achieved without the need to use artificial or chemical methods. 

  • Where to find additional information on the Flowerhorn fish

Have a look at this website as it seems perfect for you: . Not only does it talk about how breeders propose to improve the look of the fish, it also explains the various needs that this organism has and the best way to meet them.

There are also many comments from what seem to be like minded people, all of which talk about their own personal experiences with the fish, and pictures that they have uploaded. You can also add your own comments and queries, without the need to sign up or join a club.
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See for wrinkles on the fore head some times you find them this shows the signs of hump which was there and due 2 some reason has shrunk
look for the parents of the babies the babies inherit their parents characteristics

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