How To Identify A Baby Flowerhorn Fish?


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Baby flowerhorn fish should be pretty simple to identify as they have a number of distinctive features, which they do not share with most other fish:

How to identify a baby flowerhorn fish?
  • The feature most commonly associated with flowerhorn fish is the large bump on top of their heads. When they are babies, this bump is not as pronounced as it will become once the fish reaches adulthood, but nevertheless it is still noticeable.
  • The other very distinctive feature of a baby flowerhorn fish is the presence of black, flowered-shaped spots down the side of the fish. These flower spots normally form a horizontal line from the eye of the fish all the way to its tail. In adulthood, these spots develop into larger flower-spots.
Flowerhorn fish are a man-made hybrid that do not occur naturally in the wild. They're known for their brightly-coloured bodies, distinctive head bumps, horizontal flower spots along their bodies, and - in some Asian cultures - their tendency to bring good luck.
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The flowerhorn is not a natural breed:

1.look for the flowers(spots) line along the body.
2.check the shape of the body because flowerhorns have a prominent but short body.

You might go wrong because a baby devil chichlid also looks the same, then you have a wide range of midas chichlid.

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