How Many Days Does It Take For The Flowerhorn Fish's Eggs To Hatch?


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How many days to hatch the eggs of flowerhorn fish?

Usually, it should take approximately three days after the eggs have been fertilised for them to hatch.

If the eggs have not been fertilised, then the female flowerhorn fish will consume the eggs.

  • Flowerhorn fish are a man-made hybrid species that are bred to look like the "warship" fish found in Malaysia. This fish is famous for its protruding head which is believed to bring good luck.
  • Red devil cichlids - or trimac cichlids - from central America were bred with another hybrid species (the blood parrot cichlid), to produce flowerhorns.
  • The first flowerhorn fish were developed in Malaysia in the 1990s.
  • This particular breed of fish is known for the large protruding bump above its head, along with flower-shaped spots positioned down the side of its body.
  • Although this breed was first developed in Malaysia, and then spread to Thailand and Taiwan, it has now become popular throughout the globe.
  • The breeding of flowerhorn fish has come under fire from critics who question the role of man in producing these hybrids. Concerns have also been raised about the impact these fish can have on ecosystems, as they're very aggressive and breed quickly.

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