Are Bougainvillea Plants Poisonous To Cats?


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Bougainvillea is not considered a toxic plant. However, it would not be wise to allow your cat - or indeed a child - to eat the leaves or berries of the bougainvillea plant.

The reason for this is that the leaves and berries can cause oral irritation in cats, which results in excessive salivation and nausea.

The plant also produces oils that can cause skin irritation both in cats and in humans.

The bougainvillea plant is popular in gardens throughout the world because of its bright colors and vivid blossoms, which is why many domestic cats may come into contact with the plant.

Are bougainvillea plants poisonous to cats?
  • Bougainvilleas are not poisonous or toxic to cats.
  • If they are ingested by cats, they could cause mild skin or oral irritation, however.
  • If your cat does experience this, then it should be fine after a few hours, so long as it is kept away from the plant.
  • If your cat is badly affected by this plant, then you should take it to the vet.

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