What Age Do Dogs Stop Having Periods?


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Most all have to be spayed at some point anyway due to some emergency or other or health problem because they weren't spayed sooner eventually but doesn't just stop. A female who isn't spayed has approx. 40% the life span of a spayed female because they weren't spayed and developed health issues or complications from breeding ect. If a female isn't spayed, at some point there will be a problem that is a direct result like pyometra or metritis, mammary cancer, polyp are a few extremely common ones as well as any breeding or potential to is always a huge risk of their life and health.  
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Bitch dogs DO NOT have periods.    They have a twice yearly oestrus cycle.   The two systems are totally different.  Oestrus and ovulation go together but menstruation and ovulation do not.    The hormonal set up is dissimilar in dogs and humans.    There is no equivalent menopause .

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