A Cyst Just Burst On My Mim Pins Leg...how Do I Treat It Until I Can Get Her To The Doctor?


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Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean the cyst.  Peroxide can actually cause tissue damage and often does more harm than good.  It is not used commonly to clean wounds in veterinary medicine.  It is also very painful for your dog.  Keep the cyst clean with an anti-bacterial hand soap and warm water.  Prevent your dog from licking the cyst with a bandage or Elizabethan Collar (available at pet stores or veterinary clinics). 
Have your dog examined by your veterinarian.  I usually recommend removing cysts because they usually keep rupturing, become infected, and can grow quite large.  It is always easier to remove a small mass/cyst that is not infected than wait until it becomes a big problem.
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The cysts in dogs or other pets, some time burst and the owner become very much concerned and they should. It will be good to see a vet but until then wash it with some antiseptic peroxide and then use panalog ointment. For proper treatment visit a vet.

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