What Is The Skin Hanging Under A Moose's Chin Called?


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The flap of skin under a moose's chin has a number of names - however, the most common are bell, bag and dewlap.

  • What is a moose?

A moose is a member of the deer family, and is commonly found in areas such as North America and Europe. A moose is a large creature which walks on all fours. A moose's fur can range in color from a very dark brown to a very pale silvery-grey color. Male moose have antlers, whereas the female moose do not.

  • Where can I find a moose?

Moose tend to prefer cooler climates, which is why they are often found in snowy areas of North America, Canada and Europe. They are also quite solitary and shy, which is why they are usually found in forests, away from prying eyes and potential predators.

  • Is it safe to approach a moose?

In short, the answer is no - you should avoid approaching a moose at any time. As stated above, moose are shy and solitary creatures. However, if they feel threatened, they can become aggressive very quickly (especially the males) and can cause serious injury to others around them. The mating season of the moose (usually around August to October) is a time of particular aggression - not only will a moose become more aggressive in itself, but fights between two moose are more common.

  • What do moose eat?

Moose are herbivores, and eat mainly plants and fruit. Rather than eating from trees, they prefer to eat food from off the ground. However, they may also linger around ponds, lakes or rivers, in order to eat reeds and other types of aquatic plants.

Although moose are herbivores and generally very placid animals, they can fall prey to a wide number of predators, including bears and wolves.

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