I Think My Hamster Is Dying, But What Is It Dying From?


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My hamster ( two and half years old)looks swollen, he doesnt move much, he doesn't eat ( only when I give him an apple )
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The best way to know for sure is to take your hamster to a vet and get an exam,that way you aren't guessing and no one else is either.
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I am having the same problem with my Hamster. I don't know whether he is dying or not. He doesn't seem to be eating as much, he used to always walk across the top of his cage but now he loses his balance in an instant, his bum is larger than normal and when people look at him or move near him, he stops and stares for about 10 minutes like he is in a trance of some kind. Also, it looks like he wants to get out of his cage but when I handle him he tries to get back in the cage. I think you should Take your hamster to the Vet to be certain what is wrong. I might do that myself. Good luck :)
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She might be pregnant, and you have wrong grammar..
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My hamster is non active and doesnt drink much now she is just like trying to sleep her chest goes fast as well is she got a problem

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