When Do You Dock A English Springer Spaniel Tail?


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You do not!!. It is a multilation. Do not follow what other people tell you to do. See your vet. He will tell you not to have it done!!It is illegal in many countries now at long last!!! Dogs signal with their tails. Talk with them ,Balance with them. Tell other dogs all sorts of dog messages. Please do not be cruel and do not have this barbaric multilation performed.   No one has the right to dock a dogs tail, except a vet. But for medical reasons only. Thank you. Please reply.
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Couldn't agree more.  Recently lost my 13 year old, docked Springer, only regret in being his pack leader was that he had no tail, docked as per tradition before we bought him.  Have spent ages searching for litter with tails, and finally have found wonderful breeder who is of the opinion that to dock is similar to depriving a person of their smile.  Our new pack member will be joining us in a weeks time.  Looking forward to catching items swept off our coffee table by his tail!

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