I Accidentally Dropped My Small Dog On Its Head, He Didn't Get Up Right Away And Cried For Like 5 Minutes Afterward? Please Tell Me He Will Not Die!


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Sometimes nothing. But it's a lot like dropping a person on their head. You could've bruised their skull, or even brain. You could've cracked their bone, caused brain damage, etc. If he's not whining or showing any signs of anything unusual, he's probably okay. If there's something different about him/her I'd take your pup to the vet as soon as you can!
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If he is an unweaned puppy, or a small breed like Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, etc., and a puppy, you should take him to the vet IMMEDIATELY!!!

If he is an adult and he dropped from farther than 4 or 5 feet, you should probably take him vet, too!!!

Hold him in your arms somewhere where in dim lighting. Shine a flashlight in his eyes and see if his pupils (the dark center spot in each of his eyes) get tiny in the light and then take the light off his eyes and see if his pupils get bigger again when the light is NOT on him. If his pupils do NOT get smaller under light and larger in the shadows (dim lighting), or take longer than just one second to do so, take him to the vet IMMEDIATELY!!!

Does he walk normally (as he always has) or does he circle or lean to one side or another or have any trouble standing all the way? Does he bump into things, have trouble lifting his paws or moving his legs? Does he have any trouble moving holding up &/or turning his head? Is he having trouble lifting or moving his tail? Is he exceptionally sleepy, lazy or disinterested in things that used to excite him? Is he avoiding food or drink? Does he whimper, tremble or cry when trying to walk or move? Is his balance or vision off? Does he stare at things longer before understanding them?  Are his movements not up to usual speed for him, but rather slowed? If the answer to ANY of these questions is yes, he needs to go to the vet IMMEDIATELY!!!
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Call your vet, or an emergency vet clinic if your vet is closed.  Oftentimes the answering service at a vet will tell you a phone number of a place that can help.  Wrap him in a blanket to keep him safe'ish from thrashing around and to help with shock.  Shock is just as serious if not more than a head injury.  Move him as a little as possible.  Keep him level -his head level with his feet.  If he starts to cough or vomit lower head a bit to allow the fluids to drain out, then put him level again.  I hope you have someone to help you transport him.  He needs immediate attention.  If it turns out he is fine, then that's good.  You don't want to take the chance to wait and see.  Waiting could cost him his life.
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Check his pupils, make sure not dilated,or moving back and fourth,back and fourth. Make sure he isn't staggering, vomiting,lethargic, limping. If so, need to see the vet.
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Well it depends really like for example how high the dog was off the ground of how it landed on it's head or what kind of floor did it land on.But mostly nothing if they are  not whining.It could cause a bruise, brain damage, cracks in the skull, but the worst is breaking their neck.
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Check whether there is any bruises or dark patches on its head. Check his eyes to see if his pupils are dilated. If all else fails, go and see the vet. They are more experienced in this sort of matter
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go to a vet! If not you puppy will more than likely die! If you can't afford a vet than animal police/ emergeny hospitpal is the best bet! Do something fast

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