Why is it deemed acceptable in America and the UK to kill and eat pigs, cows, and chickens, but not cats and dogs? Why do cats and dogs are more protective rights than other animals?


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Cats and dogs are domesticated and raised to be pets for humans. The others are raised strictly for food.

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Two quotes from a great article:

"But the reason we shouldn't eat dogs is related to the same reason it is more heinous and hateful to burn a synagogue than a community center, or that it is more of a violation to burn down a man's home than the two rental properties he owns of an equivalent dollar value. The spaces, objects, and even animals we sanctify with our respect, friendship, and time really do enter into different moral categories. It is not inherently evil to smash a picture, but it is a gesture of hatred to tear a beloved family photo."

"....dogs,.... Have been made by hundreds of years of history and culture into icons of industry, creativity, friendship, and love."

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Only in our culture, for years the Chinese have eaten dogs, and cows are sacred to Indian. Cows have also been used in farming to pull ploughs. If you had a piglet, or a calf and gave it a name, would you eat it. Any animal that you spend time with with will follow you and become attached.
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Because farm animals are raised for the sole purpose of food .. And have always been for thousands of years.  Cats and Dogs were deemed as 'working' animals, they had jobs (controling vermin, protection, alarm system, herding, etc) and eventually deemed as pets as those jobs became obsolete. 

We have become a society that frowns on consuming household 'pets' as food .. And are even becoming more aware of the need for change in the treatment of animals destined for slaughter, as well as the general care of all animals in captivity .. Emphasis on 'working on' .. We still have a long way to go.

In MY perfect world .. Cruel and torturous treatment of ALL animals will be completely obsolete, and we will become a 'kinder' society.

A society can be judged by the way they treat their weakest and most vulnerable.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
No denying animals have fallen victim to the needs of humans, THAT goes without saying.

I detest all forms of cruelty .. even the current practices of handling slaughter animals by what has been considered as "acceptible" by the industry standard. The 'industry' may find it acceptible .. and perhaps even many of our human culture either finds it acceptible or they are completely complacent about it .. I, on the other hand do no find it 'acceptible'.

There actually have been studies that show a kinder, less cruel way to handle animals destined for the food industry that can increase yeild and at the same time reduce the needless suffering of these animals. Some animals handlers are changing their ways, and sadly .. others are not, and never plan on it.
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My complaint is not about the animals destined for the food industry ... my complaint is about how those animals are forced to endure torturous conditions. Kept in crowded cages, enduring a life without one moment of comfort, forced to endure cold and wet conditions .. and I'm not even going to go into the lengths of human cruelty that has bestowed onto them for no other reason but the sick and twisted "kick' those humans get out of torturing an animal. THAT happens everywhere around the globe...At least here on this continent, because WE all know how wrong it is (on many levels) it is hidden and happens behind closed doors for fear of being caught and ostersized for it by those who fiercely speak up about it in defence of the animals .. as opposed to a place like China where they really don't seem to have a problem with it .. They seem more concerned about fiercely defending the practice.
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I think what I am trying to explain is getting lost in my inability to articulate my point .. If you have ever heard about Temple Grandin and the research she started, you will know where I was trying to go with this.
If you've never heard of her .. and are interested in the theory about animal cruelty in the food industry .. I highly recommend you look her up and check out what she has to say about the subject. SHE is facinating, and has a unique perspective that has made positive changes in this field.

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