What Do Spiders And Cockroaches Eat?


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Spiders only eat live prey, mostly insects... Cockroaches eat pretty much any kind of not live food matter, and even what we would consider non food matter (paper, decaying leaves...) if nothing else is available.
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It does depend on the spider, most spiders eat anything small enough to be caught in their webs, mostly other insects and other spiders (which are not insects). Some spiders are big enough to eat larger prey like small frogs and birds!

As dll already said cockroaches are scavengers and eat just about anything.

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Well we all know that spiders eat live prey from the web, after they cocoon them and inject their prey, flies, other spiders, just about whatever living thing comes into the web.
The other ugly critters are omnivorous, they will eat meat, vegetable, paper, wood if they have to, but for the most part, they hang out where the food is, and will generally move on if there is no ready food supply.
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Spiders inject their prey with venom that liquifies the preys insides. When they're ready to eat, the suck out the juices . Cockroaches chew their food
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Spiders eat insects, which is helpful for us, so we don't have as many. Cockroaches eat insects mostly, but other random things too! But if either can get human food they will definitely eat that.

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