How Does Seahorse Have Babies?


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Found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide, the seahorse, along with pipefish, are the only species in which the male, rather than the female, becomes pregnant. When mating, the female seahorse and the male seahorse intertwine their tails. The female seahorse then deposits eggs into the male's brood pouch through a long tube called the ovipositor. Once the eggs are in the male's brood pouch, he fertilizes them. Depending on the species of seahorse, the embryos will develop anytime between ten days to six weeks. By pumping his tail up and down, the male seahorse is able to give birth. The male seahorse will continue to pump his tail until the baby seahorses emerge. The vast majority of species of seahorses are monogamous and have even been known to 'greet' each other affectionately at the start and the end of each day. During the day, however, the seahorse pair separates in order to hunt for food.
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The female sea horse lays the eggs. These eggs are incubated by the male seahorse. Actually every male seahorse has an incubation pouch in its body. The female transfers the eggs to the incubation pouch of the male. These eggs are fertilized by the male and it takes 2-3 weeks for the babies to be born. The strangest thing is that the male goes through the labor process.
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The female ''lays'' the eggs in the male and then he has the babies!

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