How Serious Is Fluid On The Brain In Puppies And What Problems Can Occur?


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Any 'special diet' could help a dog with brain fluid besides medications?
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13.5pt>13.5pt>12.0pt 10pt: ">  It's certainly not a good thing... Hydrocephalus is a condition where fluid builds in the brain, It occurs when there is an obstruction along the fluid pathway, and can cause a variety of neurological signs, including... Seizures, abnormal behavior, depression, severe loss of movement coordination, eye abnormalities, seizures, vision problems, and skull enlargement... These signs can come and go or become worse over time.

The most common cause of hydrocephalus in young animals is congenital defect (genetics).

Young affected puppies often show slow growth as compared to their littermates. Symptoms are determined by cause, age at which it developed, brain tissue being affected, and the degree of tissue damage. Congenital hydrocephalus occurs in young puppies. Pups with mild signs may improve without treatment... But in some cases, surgery is performed to implant a shunt, which is a device that transfers the excess fluid from within the brain to the abdomen, where it is absorbed... Some pups with congenital hydrocephalus have immediate response to medical or surgical treatment and can be stable over a long period of time.
Diagnostic tests are needed to identify hydrocephalus and differentiate it from other diseases that may cause similar signs. Untreated severe cases have a poor prognosis and usually result in death.

For now, just protect her head from injury by handling her carefully and preventing falls. Contact an emergency clinic or your veterinarian, if emergency symptoms occur including lethargy, fever, increased somnolence, stiff/painful neck, seizures or deteriorating level of consciousness.

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In humans, that can mean brain, spinal, and nerve damage over time. It is very serious, but many times it can be relieved safely and quickly. Good luck.
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We have 10 week old puppy started having sezured now on phenebarbatal and rimadyl, was fine for week but now every hr like clock work will act scares moan a few times and if you move to her she backs up then after 2 seconds is fine is this a sezure
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Http:// Today my puppy was put down because of this. Better put it to sleep than have it suffer. He was suffering from severe migranes, couldn't walk and was developing slower than his littermates. His fontanelle was also open.
This condition isn't curable in dogs.

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