Why Did Rat Scabies Leave The Damned?


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Christopher Miller or Rat Scabies was the drummer of the punk rock band The Damned for which he is particularly known. Rat Scabies was one of the founding members of The Damned along with Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible and Brian James. The band was formed in London in 1976 with Vanian as the lead singer, Captain Sensible as the guitarist and occasional singer and bassist, Brian James as the guitarist and song writer and Rat Scabies as the drummer; Captain Sensible left the group in 1985.

Rat Scabies had to leave the group in 1995 after the releases of the album Not of This Earth as his fellow band members accused him of irregularities in the procedure of releasing the album. Captain Sensible rejoined the group after Scabies' departure with Vanian and Sensible suing Scabies. Rat Scabies at present lives in Brentford, London with his wife Viv and their three children.

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