What Is Frigid Zone Animals?


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The frigid zones are another name for the Arctic and Antarctic, they have extremely cold climates and although difficult places to live they are the home of a lot of different types of mammals and sea birds. A lot of the mammals will live in the Arctic this is because it means they will be able to migrate across the land as they do have warmer summers.  The Antarctic on the Southern Ocean will be the home for fewer mammals and more sea birds as the Ocean splits Antarctica from other land masses. This makes it an ideal area, although officially the coldest place on the earth for seabirds and marine mammals.

  • Typical guests within the Frigid Zones

Some of the mammals and birds you would expect to find in the Frigid Zone are:

  • Penguins - there are four different variety of penguin that love in Antartica.  When they were first discovered it was thought that they were fish. Penguins are actually classified as birds and although they have a type of wing they are unable to fly. Penguins live over 50% of their time in the sea.
  • Seals and Walruses - the seals live in both Arctic and Antarctica. However, the majority of the seals tend to live in Antarctica as they are not faced with any predators there. This means that there will be plenty of food for them. The Walrus live in the Arctic. The Walrus has tusks, you can the age of a Walrus by its tusks as well as being able to identify its social standing in the group. The Walrus also uses its tusks to help him drag his body across the ice.
  • Herbivores are the ox and reindeer and caribou are all animals that live in the Arctic. The reindeer is herded by the people who also live there, they are used for food but also for clothing.  The caribou have never been able to be domesticated by the people who live there. The ox are one of the largest mammals that live on the Arctic and live a relatively peaceful life, these are also used for food.  When the ox are protecting their young this is the time that they can become aggressive but its only because they want to look after their young.  They do this by making a circle around their young.
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