What Wildlife Is There To See In Angola?


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There are lots of animals there. Such as buffaloes, elephants, kudu, and eland. The kudu and elands  are mostly seen. They are types of antelope. There is also a beautiful church located in the city Luanda. It was built in the 1700's. It's called the Cidade Alta.
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Angola's wildlife population is dominated by buffaloes, elephants, kudu and eland. While the first two are commonly known to everybody, the kudu and the eland are two types of antelope found exclusively on the African continent. There are two types of kudu, namely the greater kudu and the lesser kudu. The eland is also known as the common eland or the southern eland. It is found in the savannah grasslands and plains of east and southern Africa.

Most of the animals found in Angola are herbivorous. Other animals found in Angola include the aardwolf, the African civet, the African golden cat, the African manatee, the African striped weasel, the banded mongoose, the bat-eared fox, the black rhinoceros, the black-footed cat, the blue duiker, the bongo (another variety of antelope), the brown hyena, the bushbuck, the cape fox, the cape fur seal, the cape hyrax, the caracal, the cheetah, the common duiker, the gemsbok, the giant sable, the giraffe, the hartebeest, the hippopotamus, the impala, the Kirk's dik-dik, the klipspringer, the lechwe, the leopard, the lion, the marsh mongoose, the meerkat, the mountain zebra, the oribi, the plains zebra, the queen whydah, the roan antelope, the sable, the serval, the sitatunga, the Southern reedbuck, the spotted hyena, the springbok, the Temminck's pangolin, the topi, the warthog, the waterbuck, the wildebeest, the yellow mongoose and the yellow-backed duiker.

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