Do you enjoy seeing and hearing wildlife?


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There's not a lot of wildlife in my neighborhood, just some squirrels, rabbits and a variety of birds but I watch about 6-7 wildlife cams. Most are mounted near birds nests, such as Osprey, Bald Eagles, etc. Here's a Bald Eagles nest cam screen shot in Hanover Pa.

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Definitely! There's quite a lot of wild life in my area but we don't often see it. When we do it's always a surprise. We have some kangaroos and wallabies, lyrebirds (though I haven't seen one for a few years) and even, once, a platypus.

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Yin And Yang
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I wanna see a platypus!!!!!!!
Didge Doo
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Hi, both. They're rare, Yin. We were up before dawn last Christmas day and went down to the river to eat breakfast. We went walking along the river bank as the day was breaking and almost stumbled across him. He was into the water very quickly.
Yin And Yang
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That is so neat! 😊
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Yes, drove out to nearby woodland yesterday and took binoculars,  love watching the butterflys and birds, the latter create music in of themselves. We saw a grass snake, and sat on a hill with mountain goats. The goats came up and laid around my partner and I, we felt quite privileged.  We could see for miles over country and woodland. Spitfires often fly over not wildlife but certainly sound like beasts :)

I always watch the birds in my back garden taking baths, a robin visits every night at 6pm when I'm watering the garden. We have quite a few woodpeckers and kingfishers. We also have a heron that flys over regularly,  he looks enormous in the sky like something from jurassic period.

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I love it! In my neighborhood There are all sorts of birds. Hawks, osprey, vultures, cardinals, scrub jays, sparrows and turkeys. Last year I had a Carolina Wren nest in one of my potted plants. I have seen a bobcat cross road as well as deer. I haven't seen a bear but found tracks in my yard. My dog sitter a the bear in my back yard when I was on vacation. Then there are the snakes. I have seen diamondback and pygmy rattlers in my yard. I could do without them.

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Quite frankly,  it scares the bejesus out of me. Give me the hustle and bustle of the city anyday.  I'm most comfortable when I hear police/ ambulance sirens and traffic streaming by. The only wildlife I hear is when my pitbulls bark at people walking past my house. It's all I've ever known.

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I love wildlife.  One of the things I miss about childhood was being close to the ground and being up close and personal with caterpillars, frogs, ladybugs, pill bugs, lizards, etc.  And I would love to live in the forest to be among the woodland creatures.

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I have never been around wildlife before. I think I am with Tinkerbell. St. Basil. I think the wildlife sounds would scare me....

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I enjoy seeing wildlife in my rural area. The problem is when I try to photograph them...well let's just say I have a great photo collection of the back ends of animals taken when they flee back into the woods.

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It depends on, some are horrible to hear, but some are nice and enjoyable to hear, especially are the sounds of little birds.

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Yes, I walk a lot in deserted parts of my little local countryside. The surprise appearance of animals and birds (especially new or rare creatures) is just wonderful......

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Yes. Where I live, there are a lot of forests and lakes so I have the opportunity to see a lot of them frequently. We also have several parks and nature reservations.

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I'm the biggest nature buff I know, so that's a huge YES. That's what's it, for me, in life.

Bring on  the chorus of the spring peepers. Perfect time of year for them, and my fave animals, birds. The sounds of robins' singing, before the other birds are up, and it's still mostly dark. Man! Wonderful time of year, spring and summer.

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