What is the treatment for red ant bites?


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There are a number of steps to follow in the treatment for red ants bites, so I'll list them in order below for convenience.

Treating red ant bites

  1. Red ants, or fire ants as they're commonly known, provide a pretty nasty bite that swells.  If you've been bitten, you should try to elevate the area to help stop the swelling.
  2. Wash the bitten area with cold water to make sure that any external dirt can't get into the wound and cause infection.  The cold water will also help to reduce swelling and stop the bites from becoming too irritated.
  3. Buy some over the counter antihistamines.  These are often taken for allergic reactions to dust or pollen, and will help with the reduction of itching caused by the red ant bites.
  4. If you think you're having an allergic reaction to the red ant bites, you should make sure you seek the help of a doctor immediately.  They can provide treatment in the form of antihistamines and steroids to reduce the reaction. 
  5. Make sure you don't pick or scratch the red ant bites as this could lead to infection.

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